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TFB Review: The SIG Sauer P320 AXG Legion

Over the last few years, SIG has released a couple new variations of their P320 line. Last year, I wrote up a review of their Spectre Comp which you can find the link to here. Their newest member of the P320 family is the new P320 AXG Legion. This model takes the concept of a compensator integrated into the slide from the P365 Spectre Comp. The larger expansion chamber of the P320 in conjunction with the AXG metal frame and this P320 feels different from the other variations. Let’s take a closer look at the SIG Sauer P320 AXG Legion.

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TFB Review: The SIG Sauer P320 AXG Legion


When developing the P320 AXG Legion, SIG made a number of changes to the overall design to make it a completely different gun from the other models. This is quite the claim since several variants are available now. Still, this AXG Legion offers the benefit of a compensated pistol with the reliability of a traditional duty pistol. The biggest difference from other models is the built-in slide expansion chamber being created inside the handgun slide. This acts very similarly to a compensated pistol without being finicky or requiring a break-in period.

This built-in expansion chamber avoids all the issues and ensures 100% reliability, unlike a traditional compensated pistol. Other features include the visible XRay3 night sights as well as the slide being optics ready straight from the factory.SIG made the slide on the AXG Legion have more usable front serrations that allow the user to easily charge the weapon from either the front or rear serrations. The other major difference between other P320s and this AXG Legion is the inclusion of an all-metal AXG frame. This is the first all-metal P320 Legion and it comes with a number of upgrades straight out of the factory.

The P320 AXG Legion comes with brand-new G10 grips designed specifically for this pistol as well as a compact magwell that works effectively without being cumbersome. Add in the XRay sights and Legion trigger and you have a real winning combination. I ended up installing a Romeo 1 Pro onto this P320 for the review which is incredibly easy to do. My model also came with three 21-round magazines as standard. MSRP on the P320 AXG Legion is $1,529 and it’s available on the market currently.

Spec List

Range Time

At the moment, I currently have had this P320 AXG Legion for a few months now and have just shy of 1,100 rounds through it. Throughout my time with this new pistol, it really has the benefits of a compensated pistol with almost none of the drawbacks. With most compensated pistols, they can be somewhat finicky in the beginning while they break in but since the AXG Legion has its compensator in the slide, there are no lengthy break-in periods. The reduction in felt recoil is apparent as well with the overall reduction in muzzle rise when firing quickly. The dual port built-in compensator certainly does a nice job of reducing overall recoil.

The added textures on the G10 grips allow for a sturdy grip without having too much of an aggressive texture to tear up your hands. The magwell also offers support with quick reloads without adding a ton of mass to the bottom of the pistol. If you want to use the XRay3 night sights instead of a red dot, the XRay sights are incredibly easy to pick up with the high contrast of the green dots against the black body of the sights. When testing out the trigger, mine has a 5lbs trigger pull with a short crisp reset. Between the trigger and the dual port comp on this gun, it allows the shooter to fire quick double taps or multiple rounds into a target at the range without much effort. The recoil reduction does present itself when you fire quickly which is a big improvement from the standard models.


in terms of accuracy, the 3.9″ barrel feels like a full-size option and offers tight groups even at 20 yards with a red dot. This is another example of a pistol having the ability to outshoot most people who pick it up. Initially, I wasn’t sure if the shorter barrel would have any effect on accuracy but I can thankfully say it isn’t an issue in the slightest. I was shooting roughly .75″ to 1″ groups at 25 yards when taking my time and really shooting rested. For my testing, I used mostly Federal 115gr American Eagle along with some Blazer 124gr ammunition. This is fairly impressive for a compensated pistol with a 3.9″ barrel.

When it comes to reliability, the AXG Legion has been 100% reliable through the 1,000+ rounds of firing. This is the benefit of using a built-in slide compensator rather than one that attaches to the barrel. This gives the user all the benefits of a compensator without having the typical break-in period or finicky reliability of most compensated pistols. I would not be shocked if more companies start taking this approach just from a reliability standpoint. Overall, I’m very impressed with the P320 AXG Legion and its performance when it comes to accuracy and reliability.

It’s Place In The Model Line Up

SIG has a few variants of the P320 in its lineup and some of you may not understand where this comes into play. They offer a couple variants of their Spectre Comp which is a traditional system but this is the first built-in slide compensated model they offer in the P320 lineup. This offers a true duty-grade firearm that you don’t have to worry about being picky with ammo or needing anything to function properly. You can simply throw any ammo in and get the added benefit of a slide-mounted compensator which is truly different from most options on the market. SIG has developed a bulletproof reliable comped handgun with comfortable ergonomics without any of the traditional comp drawbacks.

Overall Thoughts

Overall, I think the AXG Legion is a slam dunk for SIG. it offers the benefits of a traditional comped pistol without the drawbacks of being tricky to shoot with certain ammo. Like I said earlier, I would not be shocked if more companies started taking this approach to combine performance with reliability. Out of all of the models I’ve tested which is almost 12 at this point, I can confidently say this AXG Legion seems like a different beast from the other models. The price may be steep for some but as a performance firearm, it’s hard to beat this with its reliability thus far.

What do you guys think of the AXG Legion? Is it a compromise that seems effective for reliability or would you guys rather have something like a traditional compensated pistol? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you have questions about the AXG Legion or firearms in general, feel free to shoot me a message on Instagram @fridgeoperator. Stay safe out there and we will see you in the next review.